This Tiny Town In Florida Is The Original Oyster Capital And You’ll Want To Visit

oyster tonging
Pexels / Pixabay

 Looking for your next small town adventure? Are you craving delicious seafood, as in freshest-of-the-fresh, and don’t know where to go? Well, you’re in luck. There is a small town in Florida that not only is charmingly quaint in a small-fishing-town type of way, but they also have some of the freshest oysters in the state. It’s a win-win. Along the panhandle of Florida near the ocean, you’ll find the tiny town of Apalachicola.




With a population of under 2,500 residents, this small Florida town boasts some big real estate prowess right on the shores of Apalachicola Bay. But what makes Apalachicola so fascinating is that it has been dubbed the Oyster Capital of Florida.

With direct connection to the ocean, it’s easy to see why the seafood business is brimming over in Apalachicola. No matter which way your shuck it, the oysters that you’ll find in Apalachicola will be the freshest and tastiest around.

Pursue through some of the local restaurants in the area and you’re sure to find seafood as the bulk of the specials.

What Southern Living declared a “shabby-chic Florida seaside village” is really just a place where oystermen have found their calling.