Just Imagine

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Get away from the crowds and relax. Just imagine discovering 22 miles of secluded white sandy beaches with beautiful scenery, shells, fiddler crabs and seagulls. All you need is a beach chair, umbrella and a beverage to get started.

Beach Family

Family Time

 Quality family time is precious, without a period of time to allow our bodies to unwind and calm down, the rest of our day gets out of balance.

An island beach vacation is just the ticket.

Come on down!

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Discover the unique areas around ‘The Forgotten Coast’ to find the treasures of the local heritage and history.

Boat up the Apalachicola and Jackson Rivers to see the totally untouched beauty of the area.

Discover Fort Gadsden Historic Site. On July 27, 1816, at the culmination of an invasion of Spanish Florida, a pair of U.S.
Navy gunboats attacked a powerfully-built fort on the Apalachicola River. The shortest navel battle in histoy was over, 270 men, women and
children lay dead.

Beach Dog

We are Pet Friendly. 

St. George Island is one of the few beaches that allows pets, some restaurants permit you to dine outside with your pet.

Feel Free to Ask

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, that you may have regarding the property, the rooms, the area, availability, booking or anything else, that`s on your mind. We are online every day and we are here for you.